Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Gnat-Stats v1.59.5 Update Preview

Additional General Features:
  • Minimize blinking on screen data value changes and screen refresh.
  • Add rotary encoder for PWM screen brightness.
  • Button to change between portrait and landscape mode
  • Add Turbo and Boost clock frequency gains eg: "+895MHz"

Additional GPU Features:
  • Fan Speed Load %, 
  • Fan Speed RPM, 
  • Total Memory, 
  • Used Memory, 
  • Power Consumption in Watts (Nvidia)

Additional system RAM features:                                     
  • Total Memory,
  • Available Memory,
  • Memory Load.
Config Options
  • Intel/AMD CPU and GPU Bitmaps
  • Specify CPU/GPU TJMax 
  • Specify CPU/GPU Turbo & Boost Clocks
  • Specify CPU/GPU Stock Frequency Clocks 
  • Debug Screen

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Gnat Stats v1.3 Update

Gnat-Stats Version 1.3:
Option to trigger an event at a given CPU or GPU threshold  (Gnat-Tacho) eg: LED indicator at 100% CPU Load.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Review: Sabo Optical Center Punch

The Guys at SOBA kindly sent me an optical center punch to try for an up and coming CNC Z Axis project.

If  your not familiar with optical center punches ,think of it as a normal metal marking punch with a sniper scope attached.

Over a normal metal center punch this bit of kit may seem a bit over the top. One of the catches with making an accurate CNC machine is the fact you need another CNC machine to make it.

This is where this particular center punch will come in extremely handy why? for very accurate marking before drilling the various holes.This wont be much of a review more if an overview.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Facom Micro-Tech Screwdriver Tool Holder Version 2

Facom Micro-Tech Screwdriver Tool Holder Version 2

My original tool holder served me well but, with new arrivals more space was required.