Sunday 25 June 2023

TachoStats PC Hardware Performance Monitor, Seeed Studio

Thanks to the collaboration and development of the fantastic Seeed Studio Xiao line of micro controllers, a version of TachoStats A.K.A PhatStats is now available, using any of the Xiao range.

Today we will be looking at TachoStats using the Seeed Studio round display for Xiao, including the 3D printed enclosure.

The Seeed Studio round display for Xiao features a 1.28" round IPS display using the GC9A01 controller. 

The display also features the CST816S i2c capacitive touch controller, which while not fully functional yet in the firmware can be used to change the orientation of the screen in 90 degree increments.

The Arduino libraries have been chosen to refect ease of use rather than the Seeed Studio examples, so they include many from Adafruit industries.

PhatStats, GnatStats and TachoStats all use HardwareSerialMonitor to collect statistics from the PC.

The 3D Printed Enclosure:

The 3D print is simple yet elegant design and can be printed in around 40 minutes in a single stage.

The Xiao micro controller simple is inserted in the bottom of the enclosure.

You can download the Arduino code and STL for the enclosure from the Tallman Labs Github page here

If you would like to learn more on the Seeed Studio Xiao line of micro controllers or the Seeed Studio round display for Xiao, see links below