Wednesday 6 January 2021

Gnat-Stats v1.59.5 Update Preview


Additional General Features:

  • Minimize blinking on screen data value changes and screen refresh.
  • Add rotary encoder for PWM screen brightness.
  • Button to change between portrait and landscape mode
  • Add Turbo and Boost clock frequency gains eg: "+895MHz"
  • Show when CPU or GPU Turbo or Boost mode is active.
  • Show when CPU or GPU is throttling (hit thermal junction max temp)

Additional GPU Features:
  • Fan Speed Load %, 
  • Fan Speed RPM, 
  • Total Memory, 
  • Used Memory, 
  • Power Consumption in Watts (Nvidia)

Additional system RAM features:                                     
  • Total Memory,
  • Available Memory,
  • Memory Load.
Config Options
  • Intel/AMD CPU and GPU Bitmaps
  • Specify CPU/GPU TJMax 
  • Specify CPU/GPU Turbo & Boost Clocks
  • Specify CPU/GPU Stock Frequency Clocks 
  • Debug Screen
  • Landscape mode

Minimize blinking on data value changes and screen refresh.