Sunday, 24 November 2019

Wesco Pushboy Bin Astromech Trolley

Founded in 1867, Wesco have been making products for over 140 years. There is no denying their designs are iconic. After a recent purchase of a red Wesco 50 litre Pushboy bin, which is located in front of a pantry door, it became obvious that it's two part design made it awkward to move out of the way.

Whilst there is a trolley available for the PushBoy, plus other models in Wesco's range, I did not find it particularly attractive, not forgetting the additional £50.00 cost to an already very expensive bin!

I decided to design a trolley which would be (1) Practical, (2)attractive and (3) have a stable footprint. The design should take into account as you fill the 50 litre capacity the centre of gravity rises, as does the tipping point

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Gnat Stats v1.4 Update

Gnat-Stats OLED Version 1.4 :

STM32 BluePill     Support
Remove PowerPin Support

Hardware Serial Monitor updated to v1.1
Compiled with .Net 4.6.2 to make use of OpenHardwareMonitor's updated DLL

Gnat-Stats small TFT version (Phat-Stats) coming soon...