Thursday 25 October 2018

Gnat Stats v1.3 Update


Gnat-Stats Version 1.3:
Option to trigger an event at a given CPU or GPU threshold (Gnat-Tacho) eg: LED indicator at 100% CPU Load.

Top Config option to disable all pre-selected POWER/GND pins on Arduino pins D4 and D5 when not powering the OLED display from a ProMicro etc.

Top Config option to disable/enable "activitychecker" (Enable blank screen on serial timeout eg: PC powered down, Disable to retain last sampled info eg: PC crash or overclocking diagnostics)

HardwareSerialMonitor v1.1:

Compiled to .Net 4.6.2  (compatible with LibreHardwareMonitor DLL)

See Project Design Files for downloads.