Friday, 9 December 2016

uVolume USB Media Control Update 2: New PCB Revision

After a long break, the μVolume T-32 gets an update. New PCB's on order... quite a few tweaks!

Revision 1.2M

  • Change logos to Tallman Labs
  • Free up D2,3 i2c connections from the rotary encoder (to allow for OLED display)
  • Move rotarty encoder to D8,9
  • Add 2 more WS2812B (AKA. NeoPixels) to the bottom of the PCB
  • Add protection resistor to 1st WS2812B data line
  • Expose TX1/RX1
  • ISP programming header
  • Retrace BMP LOGOS
  • Add optional Micro USB Footprint
  • Add Fiducial markers
  • Add IR receiver top & bottom resistor positions on silkscreen

USB B type and Micro USB footprints

Updated pin out sheet
uVolume MK2 USB Volume Control Prototype
AVR ATtiny 2313/84 VUSB Volume Control