Friday, 9 December 2016

Bluetooth HID On the Cheap! CSR BlueSuite Programming on a Shoestring

Bluetooth HID, using a $3 HC-05 bluetooth module plus a $2 FTDI FT232RL programmer.

In this quick guide, I will merely outline my own convenient version of the CSR SPI programmer. Along with an easy to follow connection diagram.

This is made possible entirely due to this project on github and other contributors.

If you have arrived at this page with some confusion, please refer to the following links.

HC-05 Bluetooth Gamepad (without LPT programmer)

Firmware for cheap bluetooth modules

Bluetooth HID Gamepad

Proof of Concept

Clear as mud! Connection diagram.

A quick release programming lead, using a right angle header, so the FTDI is not tied to one job :)

The FTDI FT232RL's VCC can not produce the 50mA required by the HC-05 module.

The contact labeled 5V... is connected directly to the USB power, this gives us all the current we need. Both modules also need to share the same common ground, for the programming to be successful.

A 1.5mm SMD header socket makes the perfect interface with the castellated contacts on the HC-05 module. (Only four contacts are required for programming)

Quick, repeatable programming with the help of a mini spring clamp