Saturday, 26 July 2014

uVolume T-32 USB Volume & Media Control Update

µVolume T-32 USB Volume Control update, featuring infra red media control.

  • Arduino Compatible (Atmel Atmega32u4)
  • Manual volume adjustment using the rotary encoder
  • (IR) Infra red remote control of volume and multimedia controls.
  • Apple remote or user defined
  • Visual and audible Feedback
  • RGB Lighting Customization's

Manual Control:

  • Volume Up Or Down, Mute
  • IR Remote Control:
  • Volume Up Or Down, Mute, Previous Track, Next Track, Play/Pause Track, Stop Track.

The 0.4mm pitch PCB tracks around the Micro, came out great!

I also etched a Mini USB version of the µVolume Prototype.

Here's a quick tip for creating via's on a home etch double sided board. Thread old component leads though at least two via's.This method holds the wires in place while soldering. Afterwards the excess wire can be snipped off.

Always keep you component leads off cuts

I used a USB Micro Scope to align and solder the Atmel Atmega 32u4

Pretty neat for hand soldering!

The choice of SMD rotary encoders is very limited, so I decided to convert a through hole encoder to surface mount, as they share the same lead pitch. only a little trimming of the lead length was required.

Programming the blank Atmel 32u4 IC with the Arduino bootloader was a trivial procedure, using an ISP programmer and the Arduino IDE.

 A Tupperware lid and a circle cutter, produced a makeshift diffuser ring for the RGB leds.

This picture shows the IR Receiver in its intended position.

Using 5mm acrylic rod, a small light pipe was made for the front of my original µVolume enclosure, this transfers the infra red signal over a wide range from the Apple remote control.

Using the EagleUp plugin and Google Sketchup, I rendered the finished board for production.

The below version uses a WS2812B individually addressable RGB LED. Which uses a one-wire interface rather than a standard 5050 RGB LEDs featured earlier in the design, they required 6 PWM pins on the ATMega32u4.

PCB RGB light show ;)

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