Thursday, 20 December 2012

Instructables Best-Technology-Projects-of-2012

I was rather chuffed to learn, that one of my projects the Crystal Cmoy headphone amplifier, was voted by Instructables as one of their "Best-Technology-Projects-of-2012"

Its been exactly 12 months since this was an unfinished project,  hanging as a Christmas tree decoration!

Best Technology Projects of 2012

Before the world comes to an abrupt end, I thought it would be pertinent to look back on the last year, and highlight some of my favorite Tech Instructables. Initially, I was going to make this a top 20 list, but with over 5,600 Technology projects to choose from, had trouble narrowing it down. After much mental gymnastics, I managed to narrow it down to a respectably-sized list of 30 great projects. I present to you now - in no particular order - my list of highlights for 2012.

Randy Sarafan

Technology Editor

Step 2
Beauty is often overlooked in the Tech category, and that is why I would like to give a special nod to the Crystal cMoy Free Form Headphone Amplifier. By encasing a meticulously laid out freeform circuit in a solid block of clear resin, koogar has created something that is not only functional, but also a stunning work of art. The results are absolutely beautiful and makes it stand out well above many of the other electronics projects posted this year.

It's nice to get a mention before the end of the world tomorrow (21/12/2012)

You can view the best 30 projects of 2012 right here

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