Thursday, 30 April 2015 Stainless Steel Raspberry Pi B+/ 2 Enclosure Review

Industrial design, stainless steel case for the Raspberry Pi B+ / 2 Model B with, high Wife Approval Factor from a Swedish manufacturer KKSB.

If Gordon Ramsey had to choose a Raspberry Pi case, for Hell's Kitchen, he may may opt for this !!


Kungsbacka Konstruktion & Skärande Bearbetning,

Model: Stainless steel enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+
Product code: n/a
Material: Stainless Steel & Black Powder Coat
Dimensions: L: 92mm W: 60mm H: 30mm
Compatibility: Raspberry Pi B+ & Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Price: 219.00 kr or £17.16 + £6.17 shipping

Package Contents...

Compared to the Proto Armour, the KKSB parts list is minimal 

Enclosure Stainless Steel Top
Enclosure Powder Coated Bottom
2x 18mm PCB risers
2x 24mm M2.5 Counter sunk stainless steel Socket cap machine screws
2x 5mm   M2.5 Counter sunk stainless steel Socket cap machine screws


Once the PCB is installed the PCB risers need to be fitted, These, are actually the only hardware physically holding the Raspberry Pi PCB down to the enclosure bottom.

Initially, I thought it strange to include long 24mm screws instead of additional PCB risers to secure the PCB and the case top.

The reason for this design choice became clear once assembly had started. This was to allow clearance for the GPIO cable and to hold the case halves together.

There is definitely a methodology to installing both the case top and GPIO cable at the same time!

I found, it easier to push some of the GPIO ribbon cable back through the slot, forming a loop to allow for some movement. You have to manipulate, by rolling the case top from the slot side to the HDMI side, to fully fit the top to the bottom enclosure, everything is a close fit.

All that remains is to fit the machine screws...

Fit and finish of the KKSB enclosure is excellent. The stainless steel version has a really purposeful, industrial look, as if made, for a laboratory or clean room.

If Gordon Ramsey had to choose a Raspberry Pi case, for Hell's Kitchen, he may may opt for this !!

There are slight burrs on the internal sides of the GPIO slot, these with repeated disassembly, could eventually damage the ribbon cable over time. However, nothing a light file would not rectify.

The black version of the case did not exhibit any such burrs due to it being fully powder coated.

A long narrow slot is also present to allow for the camera/display flex cable to exit the enclosure.

The micro SD slot card can be easily removed without obstruction.

Fully Assembled the case looks excellent...




Due to the steel construction RFI / EMI interference is less of a problem as long as, the circuit is grounded to the chassis.

Clean Industrial look, especially the stainless version.

Easy access to the Micro SD card slot


Can be fiddly to install the case lid and a 40 pin GPIO cable (IDE) at the same time.

Slides around due to integrated feet design.


Although the case lid provides integrated feet, it would be nice to have some rubber feet included in the package, to aid with surface grip and to protect work surfaces from scratches.

KKSB also manufactures enclosures for the original Pi and have recently started manufacture of enclosures for the Arduino UNO, These, also include additional headroom for an Ethernet Shield.


Considering its' £18 price point and stainless steel construction, the Raspberry Pi case, from KKSB, represents great value for money. Especially, considering this is produced by a low volume manufacturer.

Due to the steel construction, Radio Frequency Interference or Electromagnetic Interference, is less of a problem as long as the circuit is grounded to the chassis. Other Raspberry Pi cases, featuring metalised construction particularly aluminium, do not offer any protection from RFI / EMI interference.

If you tinker with your Raspberry Pi on the kitchen worktop or table, the stainless steel version would probably have a high WAF (Wife Approval Factor) as, it would not look out of place next to the microwave oven!