Saturday, 28 March 2015

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver "Unknown Device" Fix

 The "Unknown Device" problem is, an all too common complaint with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. There are many guides regarding the fuse fix but, you can ever have too many guides and pictures?


The case is an all too common glued affair, devoid of screws other than, to hold the PCB.
Start prying around the cable gland, until you crack the first part of the case open.

Work down both sides alternately. The glue is weak and thinly spread. With gentle pushing, the top will easily pop off.

Two screws and the cable gland are the only things holding the PCB in place...

Top PCB View

Bottom PCB View (The Fuse)

The Fix...

The main problem with the receiver, is the under rated fuse F1, shown with the arrow above. After a number of insertions over time, the fuse is liable to blow.

Hey... the fuse has gone why do I still get  "Unkown USB Device" error? 

This is due to the USB controller on the host device, sensing the wireless receivers micro controller USB DATA resistors, the host still expects a response from a USB device.

The above fuse (F1) needs to be removed and replaced or, the contacts need to be bridged with something appropriate. Unless you have a large supply chain of components to hand, I doubt very much you will have a fuse so small enough!

I have seen other guides suggest soldering a thin strand of wire across the contacts. Please don't do this if you value your USB ports, be smart and get some 250ma fuse wire.

Alternately, you could break a 250ma glass fuse and use the wire inside to bridge the gap.

Hopefully, your wireless controller should now enumerate and load the device driver.

Wire length modification...

While we are at it, why not shorten the cable... after all it is suppose to be wireless!!  ;)