Sunday, 22 December 2013

Arduino LCD Smartie OLED Project

Update 07/08/2015  Due the fact  LCD Smartie is no longer under any form of advancement from its developers, this project is cancelled...

This project has been superseded by GnatStats Tiny OLED PC Performance Monitor.

"LCD Smartie is open-source  software which allows a character LCD display to be used as an auxiliary display device for a PC. The program has built in support for many systems statistics (i.e. CPU Load, Network utilization, free Disk space...), downloading RSS feeds, Winamp integration and support for several other popular applications. To support less common applications LCD Smartie uses a powerful plugin system."
After being totally unimpressed by the overpriced, under featured & uninspiring  "Official LCD Smartie Hardware".
I decided it was time to build my own version with the features that should have been in the official hardware.

Project Feature List

= Implemented

1. OLED  (organic light-emitting diode)  20x4 ,16x2 OLED Display Support! (Adafruit OLED Library) 
2. Higher Baud Rates! 
3. Custom Start-Up Screens 
4. Arduino based for ease of modification 
5. Arduino Duemilanove ,  UNO  (Atmega 328) & Leonardo Compatible 
6. i2C OLED & LCD variants ( Modified i2c Library)
7. OLED Brightness Control from LCD Smartie's Slider,   (thx Chris O) 
8. Open Source ;) 
9. Hardware buttons for screen selection  fixed on Leonardo ( fixed thanks to Ryan Harrell) 
10. RGB LCD Back Light Support

To do list:
11. HID Volume and Multimedia Controls (Leonardo only)
12. GPO (General Purpose Output)
13. LCD Smartie Slider Brightness Control
14. Home etch PCB design files & additional instructions

Current Available Versions For Download

Arduino OLED & LCD Smartie (Inc Libraries)
Arduino i2c LCD Smartie (Inc Libraries)

This video compares tradition LCD vs OLED...

This video shows the vastly increased viewing angles...


Below you can find a link to the Project Download Area which contains the relevant files...
OLED & LCD Smartie Arduino files download here

LCD Smartie Plugins:
Sensor Bridge Standalone Hardware Monitor (Plugin Uses Open Hardware Monitor DLL)
SPC Audio Spectrum Also
Windows Media Player Plugin
LCD Smartie Plugin Forum

Trouble Shooting LCD Smartie:
"No Bridge Func" , "Exception" Error Fix
No Backlight After Waking From Standby ( Not For OLED)

LCD Smartie Source Code:

Typical CPU/GPU STATS using the open hardware monitor plugin, including custom characters 

SPC Spectrum Analyser and Volume7 Plugins

The picture below clearly shows the advantage of using OLED over traditional LCD modules!

Nvidia Logo using user defined characters (only 8 custom characters blocks can be used on any one screen)

Windows Media Player info Plugin

Midas MCOB42005A1V /  NHD‐0420DZW‐AY5 20x4 OLED Support

Additional Pictures