Saturday, 30 November 2013

Midas 1602 OLED Character Display

Just some quick info for the folks in the UK.

The £19.99 Midas MCOB21605G1V 1602 OLED (organic light-emitting diode)  Character Display available from Maplin, part number :N04QQ, appears to be identical to the Adafruit and Sparkfun OLED's .

There is also a 2x20 and 4x20 version available, these are not stocked in store, so I was unable to verify which chipset was used. Although they claim HDD44780 equivalent chip sets mmmmm.

The  Midas MCOB21605G1V 1602

Not surprising as the PCB appears to be identical. Which means you can use the Adafruit Arduino Library here. I suspect they are all made by Winstar, using the WS0010 or RS0010 controller, then simply re-badged

The Midas MCOB21605G1V Data sheet can be found here , Brightness modification here

Compatible or Enhanced LCD Controllers (Taken from the

There are several HD44780 compatible LCD controllers around (e.g. KS0066, SPC780, SED1278, LC7985A), which will work fine.There are also controllers available that are compatible while providing additional features like an increased number of segment drivers for more characters or internal LCD contrast voltage generators (e.g. KS0073, KS0078, ST7036, SSD1803 and WS0010(OLED driver)).

Some of these controllers will work fine without further software changes since they just remove the need for some supporting hardware that an HD44780 based display would have used.
 However, some new features require additional code and some displays won't even work without these specific new set-up instructions.

Although not currently sporting an OLED display, my LCDSmartie project below, would love the upgrade to the OLED's clarity and nano second  response times!

One of many benefits to OLED, The viewing angles are as good as it gets.

Rather than the whole display being backlit, each pixel is individually lit, so black is truly black with no back light bleed, as with traditional LCD displays. Pixel response times also see a big boost!