Monday, 19 November 2012

Electronics :DIY SATA Extension Adaptor

For my latest PC build, I was in need of some longer than usual SATA leads to hook up the hardrives.....

Rather than sourcing longer SATA leads i decided to make an adaptor from two SATA sockets harvested from an old motherboard.This enabled me to connect any two sata leads together to create one long lead.

Step 1

Remove the SATA sockets from an old motherboard

Step 2

Straighten all the pins by default they are staggered.

Step 3

Clean the old solder off  ,so the contacts are uniform.

 Step 4

Arrange the sockets so that they are parallel, not mirrored, the lip(key) on the SATA socket fronts should be on the same side of each other!

If you notice the locking slots on top for the SATA cable should be visible on one side but not the other.

Tack each end of the sockets together, to hold the whole assembly as one piece.

 Step 5

Carefully solder the pins from each side to one another.

Step 6

After checking the pins for shorts, hot glue the gap.

The finished adaptors