Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Zalman ZM-VE200-SE V1.1 Virtual CD/DVD/BR USB Drive

With the current trend being towards downloadable content and the ever decreasing price of storage there comes a point where formats such as Optical media like the CD and DVD just like floppy have had there day they are slow and fragile and easily misplaced .With the death of the floppy for any long term use back in the start of 2000 it was still a pain to have to use a floppy to load the dreaded RAID driver to be able to continue with the install.
Wouldn't it be nice to have all your essential games or operating system discs and tools on one device ,well this is where the Zalman ZM-VE200 comes into its own .

The Zalman ZM-VE200-SE V1.1  

Supplied by: Zalman
Street Price: £22-28

I install allot of different operating systems  and I like to keep my images slipstreamed with all the latest hotfixes it can literally save you hours at the end of the install .This is one of the areas that could make the Zalman really shine by not having to burn a new disc every time there a bunch of updates or maybe you just want to try that new Live CD of Backtrack.................

Zalman have introduced a world first - the ZM-VE200, an external 2.5" HDD enclosure with a Virtual Drive function. Not only will it act like any other external HDD enclosure but you can also store/boot ISO images from your CD/DVD/BD collection.


World's first HDD enclosure with Virtual Drive Connects to your PC via eSATA or Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Perfect for mass storage of CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images
(While its not really mentioned it does support floppy images)
LCD display allows listing and selection of ISO files
USB powered - no external DC adapter required No special software or drivers needed

What Zalman includes in the box ! 

The ZM-VE200 Drive enclosure
E-Sata Lead
Mini USB cable
Hard slip-on pouch
Mini Screwdriver
4 retaining screws (only 2 are required)


Dimensions 135.3(L) x 78.6(W) x 13.1(H) mm
Weight 98.5g
Materials Aluminum, Acryl, Poly Carbonate
HDD Type 2.5” SATA HDD
Interface USB2.0 (USB1.1 compatible), eSATA Direct HDD Access
Data Transfer Rate USB 480Mbps, eSATA 3Gbps
Speed 5400rpm or 7200rpm
Power USB Power
Color Black/Silver

The hard pouch that comes with the ZM-VE200 is excellent and should offer a modicum of protection, it also allows you to use all the functions of the drive without taking it out.

Starting from the left we have an E-Sata connector,Hardrive activity LED indicator,Sliding write protect switch,Mini USB connector, on the right side of the enclosure is a jog switch to choose between the various functions.

 The main body of the drive enclosure is an aluminium extrusion which should dissipate heat rather well .

The 2.5" hardrive of your choice is simply slid into the aluminium extrusion  after the top section which includes the LCD display has been connected to the hardrives Sata/Power connector.

All that is needed now is to install the 2 screws to lock the whole thing together.The rubber sides are simply flexed backwards to reveal the screw holes.

Setting up the hardrive

There are two versions of the firmware for the ZM-VE200 one for FAT and one for NTFS.The latest units come shipped with the NTFS firmware but both versions are available on the Zalman website .They appear on the website in the ".iso" format and you change them just as you would load an ISO image this in turn flashes the firmware to the device.

Keep in mind that FAT32 has a single file size limit of less than 4GB but has greater compatibility between operating systems.While NTFS has a single file size limit of well over 4GB so again keep this in mind when formatting the hardrive.

The difference in the firmware is denoted by the last letter N=NTFS ,  F=FAT

The hardive I chose to install was a Hitachi HTS543216L9A300 SATA2 5900RPM  

In Windows you can right click on "Computer" icon and select "Manage" then "Storage > Disk Management".Here you should see the drive at which point you can select it and you have various options to partition and format the drive so windows can see it . 

I partitioned the hardrive beforehand but it can be done after the fact.I found no mention in the documentation regarding how the hardrive should be set up ,as it turns out it must be partitioned as "PRIMARY" and the partition set "ACTIVE" for good measure not LOGICAL! It would have been nice for Zalman to supply a disc or the ability to download a utility for this purpose to help the unsure.

After the drive has been set up and you can access the drive from within the operating system, to enable the virtual disc side of the ZM-VE200 you must create a folder on the root of the drive called  "_iso" up to 32  ISO image files may be placed in here. More ISO image files are allowed but must be in a separate folder within the _iso folder these folders can then be navigated using the jog button on the left hand side of the unit the hand symbol on the display shows the current  folder .This actually comes in hand as you can categorise the various iso's by the use of these folders which can be navigated from the display.

First Contact

On first use the operating system will detect the drive and install any relevant drivers just like any USB hardrive at which point you will be greeted with a similar screen to the one below .

The 2 line back lit LCD display is quite informative for its size, the temperature seems to be taken from the hardrives S.M.A.R.T monitoring function rather than a temperature sensor on the ZM-VE200 PCB.

The padlock symbol denotes if the switch for Write Protect is in its locked or an unlocked state

The tick symbol shows the current S.M.A.R.T Monitor physical health of the drive while this is an OK feature the space would have been better used as a percentage of capacity left on the drive . 


There are 3 modes available to the ZM-VE200

Hardrive mode
As the name suggests the Drive will just show as a normal USB hardrive in the operating system

(This mode can be selected by holding the jog button downward while powering the unit up but can be set from the on-screen menu)

Dual mode
this is a combination of Hardrive mode and ODD mode both the hardrive and ODD virtual drive will be visible to the operating system

(This mode can be enabled by holding the jog button in from the centre position while powering the unit up but can be set from the on-screen menu)

ODD mode

This is the virtual disc side of the ZM-VE200 and only the currently mounted  ISO image will be visible to the operating system

(This mode can be enabled by holding the jog button upward while powering the unit up but can be set from the on-screen menu)

I was going to make a video to describe the various modes that can be achieved from the side jog switch but Zalman actually has an excellent flash demo to get to grip with the functions.

After a few goes it does all become second nature to select between the various functions