Thursday, 1 March 2012

Repair: Dell Streak 5 LCD Replacement Guide + Hidden Internal SD Card

Update: Time Laps (x5) reassembly video

A friend asked me to replace the screen on his much loved Dell Streak 5 Android "Phablet" or midget 5" tablet/phone .From the way the screen has cracked it appears to have had pressure at the lower edge of the screen .

The disassembly was pretty straight  forward but it did reveal a hidden surprise regarding the internal memory..................................

Around the edge seems to always be the weak part on these devices ,the Ebay seller had sold around 700 screens for this particular model.

The LCD screen was only £25 which is a steal considering its suppose to be a genuine Corning "Gorilla glass", On further inspection of the original screen and the replacement it appears to be possibly  a Dell OEM replacement the serial numbers are not that far apart.

 Just as a confidence builder I will show the reassembly first ;)

 Heres the time laps x5 reassembly video.............

Now the funs over heres the disassembly :/

Tools Supplied:

Torx T5 screwdriver
Plastic pry tool
Flat mini screwdriver
Cross-head  mini screwdriver

One thing to be aware of when undertaking  work such as this is to ground yourself at the start and regularly  through out the operation to avoid any build up of static damaging components.In an ideal world we would all have Anti-Static wrist straps and work mats  ,As this is not the case touch a radiator or PC case to dispel any static

Lever up the front edge on the bottom cover be careful not to over extend it due to the ribbon cable to the right side middle.

Remove the five T5 Torxs Screws

Use a combination of plastic pry and fingernails to work round the edge to lift it.

Note that the side buttons will drop into the case ,so be careful not to lose them also remember the orientation or the bottons! A tip here would be to use some masking tape to hold the buttons in place.

Gently pry along backside edge till the back cover pops off it does not require much force.

At this point these are the four ribbon cables the need to be disconnected,  but be very very careful not to damage them take your time!

On the picture above the term "Flip and slide" means you have to flick the top of the plastic ribbon cable connector before sliding the ribbon cable out.If it says slide then simply slide the cable straight out.

Using a small flat screwdriver pop this side first ! then lift plastic up to the opposite side.

After marking the  top side of the "U" clips with marker and using the flat screwdriver slide the five clips outwards along both edges.If you find that you struggle use a pin to start them off.

Here are the metal "U" Clips (circle towards the top)

After following the above picture the Logic board should just drop out .There are a few sticky pads under the prying area so a bit of force is needed.

You have to pry the LCD out of the frame of the Streak ,it is held in with a strip of gum on either side.A tip here is to start at the top of the phones LCD edge as the bottom of the LCD panel has a couple of lugs which slide into the bottom  to lock it in place.

More than likely the Gorilla glass will separate from the LCD taking the digitizer with it this is ok.

Here you can see the lugs which hook in the bottom of the chassis to hold the screen in place.

Looking at the two screens side by side its Clear this is a Dell OEM replacement part

Heres the leaky crack on the bare old LCD panel after the Gorilla glass was removed.

Oh look an Atmel Mega168P on the digitizer ,something  for the parts bin if its not locked!

Hidden Internal SD Memory Slot. The Streak comes in two flavours 2GB and 4GB so I am guessing this could easily be replaced with a 4GB with out any custom roms ETC.I didn't have a larger SD spare to try it but I found some info here .

Here is the 2GB internal memory

Reassembly it pretty straight forward and will take a fraction of the time it did to tear it down.The only snagging point will be if the gum side strips came away with the Gorilla glass .I had to use some double sided tape layered on top of itself twice on one side.

The finished article

I hope you are happy with all my hard work Jonathan Lee !

 If not I could always keep it !  :)