Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tip: Hardrive prices got you all in a spin?..Save money and get something for nothing


Everyone who builds PCs knows about the current price of hardrives.Right at the start of the internal parts shortage due to the horrible floods in Thailand i cannot help but think that online/retailers instantly tried ripping off the consumers by charging 3+ times the price for their current old stocks which they all bought well before the floods.The shortages are forcasted to last till  Q2 of 2012 and i am sure there will be plenty of price fixing along the way.

 I get a lot of offers by email from retailers peddling their wares but when you get ones that make out they have a super duper price on a paltry 500GB hardrives offer for the great price of £75 its time to take action!! for example in March a 2TB 3.5" hardrive came in at £64 inc tax

Its not the first time i have done this and I'm sure it wont be the last but if you have noticed the price of external hardrives has not altered by the same degree why ?.At present day prices a Internal Western Digital 2TB drive is  £125 yet a 2TB  external USB Western Digital  Drive with all its leads,power supply and retail packaging comes in at £109.

So what should we buy ?

Well my money would be on the external drive, by taking the internal hardrive out of the enclosure you get the drive you wanted for the upgrade a better price plus a bonus external drive enclosure for your old or a spare drive .

On the plus side this can only be good for the capacity and price point for SSD (Solid State Drives) as demand increases due to the shortages.