Thursday, 15 September 2011

Audio: AKG K702 DIY Custom Cable

The upgrade? over the stock  3.4mm cable supplied with K series AKG's headphones that have a Mini XLR socket on the headphone body.

Mini XLR Plug AKG Pinouts

Neutrix 6.35mm Stereo Jack Connector
REAN branded (Neutrix) Mini XLR Plug gold plated contacts
Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Pro-patch cable

The Cable

Overal Diameter 4.65mm  (AKG Original Diameter 3.40mm) 22AWG Ultra pure silver plated oxygen free copper ((UP SPOFC)) Signal wires

Here's some more Van Damme marketing WANK! for the cable

Low capaticance, twisted pair
Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite Jacket Very flexible
Tightly woven braid of UPOFC copper screen for excellent rejection of electromagnetic, radio frequency and mains borne interference.

Application notes

Further improved outer jacket ensures cable remains flexible in sub zero temperatures.
Tightly packed cotton fillers ensure no static build up and even capacitance.
Available in 10 colours for application or length colour coding   95% optical coverage braided screen for excellent mechanical strength and EMI/RFI rejection. 
Combination of silver plated and plain ultra pure oxygen free copper conductors for unsurpassed sound quality.


Overall the cable was tricky to solder due to the Mini XLR plug and the cable width. After some trimming of the Mini XLR plug's cable strain relief  it became easier.

There's no doubt this is a quality cable and only cost me £12 to construct and to my untrained ears I heard no difference in sound quality over the stock cable.The main reason for me was that the stock cable was just too long and most of the cable is coiled around the desk getting in the way and not wanting to cut the stock lead on my shiny new 702's.

Since the AKG 702's had the Mini XLR socket it just shouted out custom cable this way i could make any length i wished and maybe get an upgrade out of it by using some nice spec cable.

Although the cable was a great success the one oversight was how much the cable and plug stuck out compared to the stock cable not alot but enough you could feel the cable touching your shoulder and knocking the headphones slightly when you rotated your head to the left .